All technical training and fun diving activities will be supervised by qualified technical staff.  The dive sites are chosen based on conditions, certification and experience levels of the divers.  All diving at Trawangan Dive is supported by dedicated boat cover.  Each boat is a minimum of 2 crew members, surface oxygen and any necessary additional decompression gases, emergency radios and mobile phones. 

Assistance with dive planning will be provided by Trawangan Dive technical staff using the latest dive planning software. 

Trawangan Dive staff will reserve final judgement on suitability and choice of the dive site. 

Divers are required to comply with the following guidelines: 

  • Dives deeper than 40 meters, or any diving using decompression gases must have an approved dive plan;
  • Gas mixes must be analysed, appropriately labeled and all gas logs must be completed; 
  • A maximum bottom PO2 of 1.5ATA or lower will be observed;
  • A maximum decompression PO2 of 1.6ATA or lower will be observed;
  • All divers must carry sufficient gas to complete the dive within a rule of thirds, or as deemed appropriate for the dive plan;
  • When using Trimix, maximum END will be 40m;
  • Divers must be equipped with at least one reel and SMB/lift bag (2 recommended).  A whistle and flashlight are encouraged;
  • Back up depth and time devices must be carried;
  • Proof of insurance must be provided on arrival at Trawangan Dive. 

Trawangan Dive staff reserve the right to refuse divers deemed unfit to dive.