Adam Baxter

Adam started his diving career in 2006.  The love for diving quickly took hold and a year later he had already completed his Divemaster Internship in Honduras. 

After a brief return to the ‘real world’, Adam decided that a career in diving was what he wished to pursue, so went on to successfully complete his Instructor Development Course in the cold waters of New Zealand in 2008.  

Adam has worked as a full time diving instructor ever since, working in a variety of areas in Asia including Thailand, Borneo, Komodo and Gili Trawangan for the last 4 years.   It was here that he was able to further his own diving education by completing up to his Extended Range Technical Instructor rating. 

Adam still teaches recreational diving full time, whilst co managing Trawangan Dive.  But he loves the opportunity to teach technical courses. 

Having spent a lot of the last 6 years underwater, he is a very competent instructor, with a lot to offer his students with both his knowledge and teaching style.


Samuel Mason


During a year travelling around the world in 2009 Sam learnt to dive on the remote island of Kadavu in south Fiji and immediately became addicted to the sport.
Throughout the following months he dived his way up the Great Barrier Reef and around South East Asia and the Near East before settling in Indonesia where he worked as a divemaster guiding divers around the Gilis for 6 months.
After a brief stint back home in the UK Sam returned to Indonesia full time to pursue his dream of becoming a full time dive professional completing his instructor exams with SSI and PADI training agencies in early 2014.
A passion to further his own skills and experience underwater led Sam to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in 2014 where he mastered sidemount diving and completed his Full Cave certification with Technical Diving International in the famous Cenotes on the country's east coast.
On his return to Indonesia Sam continued his own education by completing his Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course together with training to dive the JJ-CCR rebreather while teaching sidemount, Nitrox and deep specialties to a growing base of customers looking to expand their knowledge and limits underwater.
Now an Advanced Mixed Gas Rebreather diver certified to a depth of 100 metres and technical Instructor with TDI Sam focusses on training divers transitioning into the world of technical diving through focus on the fundamentals of diving and safe diving practice.

When not teaching students Sam loves to explore the deep walls of Lombok, preferably on CCR, and is always happy to guide customers eager to experience the incredible underwater world that surrounds Lombok's Gilis.